John MacArthur Answers Questions

The whole question and answer session is good… But especially the first part when he rebukes Infant Baptism.

“Infant baptism is not in Scripture, and against that statement, there is no evidence—there is no refuting of that statement. Scripture nowhere advocates infant baptism. It nowhere mentions infant baptism. It doesn’t exist in the Bible; there is no example of it, there is no comment on it, it’s not there. It is therefore impossible to prove that infant baptism is valid, from the New Testament. It’s impossible to support it from the New Testament or for that matter, from the Old Testament.” (John MacArthur A Scriptural Critique of Infant Baptism)


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  1. The Catholic Bible

    As Catholics were responsible for writing the New Testament (under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit), the Catholic Church doesn’t “interpret” the Bible. We explain it.

    Protestants can only “interpret”, because they are not the author (guided by the Holy Spirit), and therefore, can only guess at the possible meaning of a chapter, passage or phrase, just as anyone can only guess at any author’s intentions in any other book.

    As the author, the Catholic Church is the only proper authority to consult in matters pertaining to the Bible.

  2. Matt

    It is interesting to read the post that Bible/New Testament was written by Catholics prior to the establishment of the papacy. History shows that their is no clear papal line from the time of Christ until about 500 AD. As most know, Roman Catholism started as a state religion brought forth as a sort of ‘alchemy’ of many different cultures, religions, and traditions that were not of biblical origin. This was because as the Roman Empire grew and expanded its territory, it acquired many pagan people with pagan religions and by incorporating them into its empire with its state religion, it added to the process of keeping peace (worldly peace) amongst its citizens. Roman Catholism is not at all connected or supported by scripture; that is, God’s word, and because of this, it is not inspired by or brought forth by the Holy Spirit. The Catholic ‘Holy Spirit’ is that of the Anti-Christ.

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