The Exegesis of God

In John 1:18 we read in a literal translation and paraphrase, “God in his invisible essence no one has ever yet seen. The only begotten God who is constantly in the bosom of the Father, that one has fully explained him.” The words “only begotten God” are in the best manuscripts. What a tremendous thought. To think that the eternal God and Saviour Jesus Christ, the One who has no beginning, the Ancient of Days, yet was begotten. He proceeds by eternal generation from the Father as the Son, and because eternal, that birth never took place, it always was. Our Lord never started to be God’s only begotten Son. He always was His Son. He possesses the same essence as God the Father, and therefore He can in His incarnation fully explain God. The word “declared” in our English version is from a Greek word which means “to lead out.” God the Son in His incarnation led the Father out from behind the curtain of His invisibility into full view. The Greek word here comes into the English language in the word “exegesis.” Exegesis is the method of Bible study in which we fully explain every detail of the text. Jesus Christ has in His incarnation, fully explained in finite terms so far as finite minds can grasp, all the details of the Person of God the Father. He said, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.” Thus Jesus Christ is the exegesis of God. (Wuest Word Studies pg 85)

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