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Articles, Sermons, web-sites and thoughts from other people I’ve read through out the week.

When you read the word All in the bible, does All always mean All ? Read this from Phil Johnson “All” Always Means ALL. Right?

Awesome on-line book from The great puritan Thomas Watson The Doctrine of Repentance.

This article has had great affect on my alone time with God, if you need to start new this year read this from The great puritan Richard Baxter How to Spend the Day With God.

You heard of the Purpose Driven Church from the purpose driven Pastor Rick Warren, I prefer This from Dr. Steve Lawson The God-Driven Church He starts off with this “Man can build a booming church, but only God can build a biblical church” Just click to download a PDF and print it out to read later.

Finally the video below YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN, What does it mean to be born-again? Take notice of the many people who take a superficial view on being born-again.

Romans 11:36

Contending for The Faith
Grace and Peace to you
in Him with love -Lenny


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  1. The only qualm with Baxter’s piece is that it would have been good to have seen him give some mention given to the enablement of Grace to do all those things and to do them with a heart of joy, – otherwise it seems to be a “to-do” list that speaks more of “religion” than of redemption; a type of man-made “holiness” rather than a God-given joy in living for and obeying Him. Kind of hard to picture Mr. Baxter behaving as David did, dancing in joy to the Lord our God: Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, Rejoice!

  2. Hey Barbara

    Thank You for your comment, I often find reading the Puritans difficult if not a struggle. They are so intense with their convictions.I agree whole heartily with what you are saying In saying that I find myself returning to get thumped on over and over because if I can move a little in the direction they talk about I am better off.

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