MacArthur Monday

Seeker-Sensitive or Saint-Sensitive? (1 Corinthians 14)

“One does not structure the church to meet the felt needs and desires of the tares. The purpose of corporate assembly, which has its roots in the Old Testament, is for the people of God to come together corporately to offer their sacrifices of praise and worship to God. So the first rule of worship is that it be designed for believers to worship God in a way that pleases God.” R.C. Sproul

“Churching the unchurched is an absolute fallacy – it is like purposing to let the tares in. It is absolutely bizarre to want to make unsaved people feel comfortable in a church. The church is not a building – the church is a group of worshiping, redeemed, and sanctified people among whom an unbeliever should feel either miserable, convicted and drawn to Christ, or else alienated and isolated. Only if the church hides its message and ceases to be what God designed the church to be, can it make an unbeliever comfortable.” John MacArthur

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  1. Bill Koehler

    First of all I totally agree with what RC says about the purpose of the “church”.
    I see the church service as a gathering of Gods children prepared to be focused on nothing else but Him. Starting out kneeling in prayer and keeping in prayer until we truly pray in thanksgiving. Giving Him all honor and glory and placing ourselves in humility before Him. Then Standing and listening to the pure truth of His word being read with meaning and conviction from the pulpit followed by songs of praise and worship that would rattle the windows and joy to our hearts and shouts of Amen! By the way this could take all day.
    However,we all know that not everyone going to church is a true believer but they come or are drawn looking for answers. If these folks were exposed to this kind of worship service they wouldn’t have any reason to be confused. God calls those He chooses and the rest will call it foolishness and run for the hills.

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