The Road Home- Stephen Paulus, Conspirare Choir

I am singing this piece with the college choir this semester. It is hauntingly beautiful…

Tell me where is the road I can call my own,

That I left, that I lost, so long ago.

All these years I have wondered, oh when will I know,

There’s a way, there’s a road that will lead me home.

After wind, After rain, when the dark is done,

As I wake from a dream, in the gold of day,

Through the air there’s a calling from far away,

There’s a voice I can hear that will lead me home.


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2 Responses to The Road Home- Stephen Paulus, Conspirare Choir

  1. Bill Koehler

    It’s beautiful Ben.

  2. Midge Rudolph

    I really needed this today (and probably do most days) what amazing refreshment for my soul… THANK YOU! I’m always thankful that I don’t delete all my e-mails without reading and can go to them when timing is perfect… What a Lord with the most amazing timing for our lives. May you be richly blessed today as you bless others!

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