MacArthur Monday… Modeling Bible Study Through Preaching

“It means to preach the Bible in such a way, that the meaning of the Bible passage is presented entirely and exactly as it was intended by God. That’s the challenge – the divine Word coming through the preacher.”

Years ago a reporter said to me, “Do you have a desire to build the church?” I said, “Not really because Christ said He would build the church and I’d rather not compete with Him.” That’s a losing enterprise. So we have been blessed to see the Lord continue to build His church. We’re so greatly thankful for that.

[Benefits of] expounding the Scriptures:

1. [It] encourages the congregation to bring their Bibles to church, and everything that leads believers to value the Scriptures is important.

2. Exposition may open the Scriptures to them and create in them a desire to meditate for themselves. When they again read over the portion of the Word which has been expounded, they will remember what has been said. Thus, it leaves a more lasting impression on their minds.

3. Expounding large portions of the Word, such as an entire gospel or epistle, leads the teacher to consider portions of the Word which he might otherwise overlook. This keeps him from speaking too much on favorite subjects and leaning too much to particular parts of truth – a tendency which will surely sooner or later injure both himself and his hearers.

George Muller Excerpted from: The Autobiography of George Muller, 1984, p.33-34

Soli Deo Gloria


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