The MacArthur Study Bible (NIV)

When I first heard of this from Andy Naselli I was a little set back… Really! A MacArthur Study Bible in the NIV. The NIV is a thought for thought bible and really doesn’t give the exact meaning of the text… But after reading this from Phil Johnson, this could really be good for all those churches and people who use the NIV… Now they will have a study bible from one of the greatest bible minds God has given us… This is great news I think.

Phil Johnson from PyroManiacs writes: After more than a year of discussion and analysis, Thomas Nelson Inc. and Zondervan have announced a joint project to publish an edition of The MacArthur Study Bible (MSB) with the New International Version (NIV 2011) text. All 20,000 study notes, plus outlines, articles, and other study aids will be included in the volume. Zondervan will license the NIV text to Nelson, and the Bible will be the latest addition to Nelson’s growing line of products featuring the MSB notes.

The NIV is more freely translated than any of the English versions used in previous editions of the MSB. That’s because the NIV generally follows a “dynamic equivalence” approach to translation—more of a thought-for-thought rephrasing of the text, rather than staying as close as possible to a word-for-word correspondence with the original. Read the rest HERE

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