The Work of His Hands

Colonel (retired) Jeffrey N. Williams, an astronaut since 1996, has flown three space flights, including one mission aboard the space shuttle Atlantis and two expeditions to the International Space Station. He spoke at the Truth Matters Conference at Grace Community Church and spoke of God’s work from space, The work of His hands

“Almost a hundred years ago, Benjamin Warfield, who you may be familiar with, wrote something I came across a little while ago, where he said, “A Christian sees God in everything.” And then he used an analogy of a window. And he says, “A window stands before us and you can look at the window and you can contemplate how it’s made. You can look at the defects in the window.” And sometimes I found myself looking at old windows in old buildings and watching the waviness, and you’ve done that, perhaps. The house I grew up in had…the original windows had waviness in it. So you can focus on the window. “Or you can look through the window and see the view on the other side.”

Now in order to give you a glimpse of the wonders of God’s creation from this vantage point that I’m talking about, I need to give you a perspective of what the vantage point is. So imagine yourself on the International Space Station, traveling seventeen thousand, five hundred miles an hour, orbits the earth every ninety minutes. If you were to ride on a rocket and get there, you’d get to orbit in about nine minutes and then typically it would take you about two days to catch up and dock with the thing. And then this place is your home. It’s about the size of a, on the inside, a large five bedroom home. It’s got a few windows, thankfully. That’s the best part, to be able to view the Earth. But imagine yourself there, imagine yourself going outside perhaps once in a while and hanging on to the outside and viewing God’s creation, we call Earth, down below. I call this “The Ultimate Sky Dive.”

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Soli Deo Gloria

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