Who Were the Wise Men?

Who Were the Wise Men?

Who were the wise men? Are you ready for that? Matthew chapter 2. All of us have wondered. I remember when I was a little boy I wondered who those guys were. How many were there? Were they really kings? Did they really ride camels?

Why did they come to Bethlehem? And, as Paul said, we have most of our ideas about this fascinating group from the people who draw Christmas cards rather than theologians. Vincent, who has written some very helpful word studies says in regard to this, “Many absurd traditions and guesses respecting these visitors to our Lord’s cradle have found their way into popular belief and into Christian art. They were said to be kings and three in number. John MacArthur

Here is a three part series to help you to answer that question…  Who Were the Wise Men?

Who Were the Wise Men?

Fools and Wise Men, Part 1

Fools and Wise Men, Part 2

Dr. MacArthur writes… Isn’t it exciting to you how God controls history. Does that excite you? Now see, you looked at every-thing I said and you listened to it and I talked to you for fifty minutes and you know why it was so fascinating to you? Not because it was just a bunch of historical facts but because you were seeing God at work History is His story. Long ago He picked out a man named Daniel, put him in a place to influence some men who had arrived in perfect timing.

and that’s a beautiful thing!
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