MacArthur Monday

Dr. John MacArthurIn chapter 3, everything goes bad, fatally bad, terminally bad, historically bad, inescapably bad. And all human beings who will ever walk on this earth are affected by what happened in the third chapter of Genesis. It is the explanation of why things in this world are the way they are–why there is so much evil; why there is so much sin; why there is so much corruption; why there is disease, deformity, and death; why there is conflict, hatred, war; and why there are disasters of all kinds that fall upon man. It all comes from this third chapter.

Let me read it to you, at least down through verse 16: Genesis 3:14, 15 and 16

Hope Through the Curse

God delights in mercy. Before He pronounces a curse on man and woman, before He expels them from the garden, He gives them salvation hope, hope of regeneration that they will hate Satan and see him as an enemy, and they will love God (regeneration). That there will come a Savior; there will come One who will conquer Satan and therefore conquer sin. Even though He in the conquering will be bruised, He will crush that deadly enemy. What an amazing promise. What a gracious God. And it is here that the gospel begins.

and that’s a beautiful thing!
Soli Deo Gloria

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