Cheating To Be Great

john-the-baptistI couldn’t help but to compare some of the most flamboyant, popular pastors who run these mega churches with programs and a circus atmosphere and all the recent athletes that have been caught cheating to be great. Eventually you will get caught, eventually your athletic greatness will be seen as a big lie, eventually your lack of the knowledge of who God is and His word will find you out…

Or as Numbers 32:23 says “Be sure your sin will find you out.

What ever happened to simple hard work to be great? I look at John the Baptist and why Jesus called him the greatest man born of women, and why was that? He had the greatest job and privilege in the world Luke 3:3, 4, 5 and 6 preparing the way for Jesus our Lord and Savior! It was through preaching repentance and remission of sins.

Jesus said in Matthew 11:11 “Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist! Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

CheatingThose people who you’re called to preach to and are being convicting of sin can be even greater than John because to be in the kingdom of God is greater than to announce its arrival. That’s what Jesus was saying and that’s a beautiful thing!

You might be considered popular and great… You might be known as a great motivational speaker dealing with only people’s felt needs and what makes them happy… You might have 15,000, 20,000 or even 40,000 people hearing you talk a big talk, but faith comes by hearing a word from God Romans 10:17 and how will people hear without being preached too?

Cheating to be great, be careful your sin will find you out… You shall assuredly be punished for your sin James 3:1. I say all this knowing the Sovereignty of God in the salvation of the lost, but He has set a formula in place….

Romans 10:13-15 says for “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”

Just bring the Good News

and that’s a beautiful thing!
Soli Deo Gloria


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  1. Judy

    This was a great post. Hopefully it will inspire someone to change direction if they are walking in a path of deception. For many years I walked a walk where as I was not who others thought I was. The Scripture that convicted me to repent was 1John1:5-6

    “This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.”

    Can I hear an Amen?

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