Where Have I Been?

Me and my BibleI have started to miss posting everyday after taking a break the past 8 months or so. Many of you have ask where I have been…  Well,  I have been focused on my reading and studying and I have gotten quite attach to my Bible again, my Kindle App, Bible App and Logos on my phone and computer. The first thing I wanted to do in the past was to get a post out no matter what, even if I had to forgo my reading of the bible and studying. I realized the The Bible Christian had become something bigger than communion with my Savior and my God, with my reading and studying and that just can’t be.

John6I had to become more disciplined in my approach to my everyday routine, so back in July 2012,  I started Professor Grant Horner’s Bible reading system and then ask my friend Matt to join me and we read through the bible in eight months talking to each other about what we had learned that day via text and over coffee once a week and it was so fruitful that at times I had completely forgotten about The Bible Christian blog. I know I have lost some people who visit my blog regularly as my visits are way down, but you know what? Numbers can’t give me what I gain this past year, not even close.

Romans 8-28-30I also had decided to read 1 or 2 Chapters a day in any book that I might be reading, right now it so happens to be The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan PhillipsI continue to study the book of Romans as I teach through this book in Sunday School class and now we are in Chapter 8:28-31. This Chapter 8 is so pivotal as a believing Christian as it speaks to the believers security in Christ, the order of Salvation and our victory in Christ. I recently have joined Twitter you can follow me up top⇧and read my progress as a disciple of Christ and what I am learning in my walk with God.

Lord_teach_meThat’s what I have been doing!

I have made a some changes in my life and with this site. That’s me sitting up top⇧with FIRE In My Bones. My desire has always been to proclaim His word without compromise and if I do that everything will take care of itself.  Expect to hear from me more often as I have placed my priorities in order, I hope and with the Lord’s strength I will continue on the right path to bring Him the glory and Him the glory alone with this blog and with my life.

and that’s a beautiful thing!
Soli Deo Gloria



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  1. Welcome back! We have missed you. Hopefully on Saturdays soon.

  2. God Bless you Lenny. I’m thankful for the gifts the Lord has given you, and welcome the “fire in your bones” for the Lord.

  3. Wendy

    It has been a long time and glad you are back!

  4. Glad you have returned stronger than ever.

  5. thank you all for the kind words. ☺

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