Learn the Truth About Heaven

TheGloryofHeaven-NE John notes in the audio clip above, the real truth about heaven is revealed in the pages of Scripture.

One thing is clear: it does not signal any significant upsurge of interest in the biblical perspective on eternity. On the contrary, the data actually seem to indicate that lots of people are simply making up whatever concept of heaven pleases them. We would of course expect New Age practitioners, cranks, and cultists to abandon the Bible in favor of their own dreams and fantasies. But this tendency to invent one’s own personal concept of heaven seems to be an even bigger problem in the evangelical community than it is in the world at large. The heart of our study together in this book will be an in-depth look at what the Bible says about heaven. No matter what one thinks about or wishes to imagine about heaven, the reality is different and better by magnitudes. If the inerrant biblical truth God has given us is the only reliable knowledge about heaven we have access to (and it is), then that is what should grip our hearts and minds. . . . Now let’s see why the Bible’s account of heaven is so much better than the dreams and speculations of the human mind. GTY

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“Alas! how we forget that we are but strangers and pilgrims on the earth; that we are journeying to our eternal home, and will soon be there!” Octavius Winslow

and that’s a beautiful thing!
Soli Deo Gloria


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  1. Midge

    Oh, Lenny – you have no idea of the PERFECT timing of our Lord… (oh, for sure you do :-) A few of us have a friend whose husband passed away about 6 weeks ago… He was, we believe, a non-believer (but then again who are we to judge??) She is struggling with the whole question/answer of Heaven and we’re going to ask if she would like to receive this particular issue of yours. Thanks be to God!!! and thank you…

  2. Judy

    Thanks for the info in this post-
    Most enlightening and encouraging.

  3. Midge I hope it helps!

  4. Thank you Judy, missed you two Sunday!

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