Resisting the Tyranny

LawsonThere are times in our Christian life when the most spiritual thing to do is to simply say no, even to real and pressing needs around us, so that we might give ourselves to what are the priorities of the Christian life. So often in the Christian life the choice is not between good and bad it is between good, better and best. We become caught up with pursuing good things that we neglect the better things and the best thing, and in that scenario good things become bad things when they keep us from the best things.

The word of God is primary in this church and we make no excuses for this. What is primary in this church is the exposition up the Word of God and when we have heard from God, then that sets everything else in motion.

  • Until we’ve heard the truth we cannot worship a God we do not know.
  • Until we’ve heard the truth we cannot share the Gospel effectively.
  • Until we’ve heard the truth we have no basis for fellowship.
  • Until we’ve heard the truth I’m not equipped for service.
  • Until I’ve heard the truth I cannot live a supernatural victorious life in Jesus Christ.

The truth is what is driving everything in this church , not programs not gimmicks, it is the sheer unadulterated truth of the word of the living God.

and that’s a beautiful thing!
Soli Deo Gloria


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  1. Neil D. Coe, Sr.

    I praise God and thank you, Lenny, for the centrality of the Word of God in your life and teaching. I join you in prayer as do many others that the whole Church of Jesus Christ will “catch on fire with the truth, wisdom and power”of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the ONLY hope for the US of A and the whole world. Amen and Amen!!

  2. Thank you Neil and for your passion for Him and His Word!

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