Looking to Next Year, 2014

If you are anything like me, wondering what 2014 will bring. will it bring happiness, trouble and pain. Will I (we) be so bold, stubborn and arrogant and take a chance to go into this new year on our (my) own, guiding my ship without the hand of God?

Read this from Spurgeon.

SpurgeonYour future path has all been marked out in the great decrees of his predestination. You shall not tread a step which is not mapped out in the great chart of God’s decree. Your troubles have been already weighed for you in the scales of his love; your labour is already set aside for you to accomplish by the hand of his wisdom. Depend upon it.

“Your times of trial and of grief,
Your times of joy and sweet relief,
All shall come and last and end
As shall please your heavenly Friend.”

Remember, you are not a child of chanceRemember, you are not a child of chance. If you were, you might indeed fear. You will go nowhere next year except where God shall send you. You shall be thrust into the hot coals of the fire, but God shall put you there. You shall perhaps be much depressed in spirit, but that heaviness shall be for your good, and shall come from your Father; you shall have the rod, but it shall not be the rod of the wicked—it shall be in God’s hand. Oh! how comfortable the thought that everything is in the hand of God, and that all that may occur to me during the future years of my life is fore-ordained and overruled by the great Jehovah, who is my Father and my friend! Now stop, Christian, a moment, and realize the idea that God has gone before, mapping the way; and then let me ask you if you could now this morning be allowed to draw a fresh map, would you do it?

follyIf he should condescend to say, “Now your circumstances next year shall be just what you like; you shall have your own way, and go your own route to heaven, would you dare, even with God’s permission, to draw a new chart?” If you should have that presumption, I know the result: you would find that you had gone the wrong way; you would soon be glad enough to retrace your step, and with many tears you would go to your heavenly Father, and say, “My Father, I have had enough to do with the helm of this ship; it is hard work to hold it; do what thou wilt with it; steer which way thou pleasest, though it be through the deepest floods and the hottest flame. I am weary, I sleep at the tiller, I cannot guide the ship, my tears fall fast from my eyes, for when I think to be wise I find myself to have committed folly; when I thought I was promoting my own advantage in my scheme, I find I am rushing into a sea of losses.” God, then, has gone before you in the decree of his predestination. (Spurgeon, “The Vanguard and Rereward of the Church”)

You shall not tread a step
which is not mapped out in
the great chart of God’s decree

and that’s a beautiful thing!
Soli Deo Gloria


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  1. Neil D. Coe, Sr.

    Thank you, my brother. I needed that trruth brought home once again. I was awake in the night dealing with this. Praise God the choice was to place my life into His hands of GRACE and leave it there. I realize that is a daily and constant choice I (we) have to make. I pray we will make the right one together in Christ. In His Grace, Neil

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