Holy Boldness!!

I’ve been searching for the right words to express exactly how I feel about the way I see churches in America falling away from God’s word and the fact that we as church leaders are not standing up for or contending for the faith Jude 3 we need to be BOLD for God, we need to be like the reformers were. Holy BOLDNESS is what we need. And from me that is what your going to get. Then I came across this quote from A.W. Tozer who said this

“Could it be that too many of God’s true children, and especially the preachers, are sinning against God by guilty silence?…I for one am waiting to hear the loud voices of the prophets and reformers sounding once more over a sluggish and drowsy church. They’ll pay a price for their boldness, but the results will be worth it.” –

Amen!! Mr Tozer Amen!!

Romans 11:36

Grace and Peace to you

in Him with love

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