-Merry Christmas from Mike Huckabee

Notice the cross in the background, thank you for not compromising.

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I’m Lenny Ciciarelli

I thank you for this message


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  1. Lisa

    Mike Huckabee said on the Today Show that the cross that everyone is saying was intentionally put in the ad is just a bookshelf. He also said that the team that made the ad is amazed that people picked that out-it was never intentional and yet people are giving Mike a hard time about it.

    It is truly unbelieveable that this man is getting flack about a Merry Christmas ad. He just wanted to take a break from the political garbage and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! He did also point out on the Today show that most of the government has Dec. 25th off…..FOR CHRISTMAS!!!
    Check out American Family Association’s website to see the ad and the Today Show interview!

  2. Lenny

    That is amazing, It was just a book shelf, shining bright.
    Our savior was born to die. We either look at the cross as to the power to save or we look at it as offensive, which leads to death.
    Thanks for the info Lisa


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