Free John MacArthur Sermons has come to my attention that Grace to You, John MacArthur’s ministry will now have a new policy starting November 5th that all of his sermons via MP3’S will now be FREE, no charge. why is this exciting news, he is in my opinion and many many others, the best bible expository preacher and teacher we have on this planet. God has used this godly man to effect so many lives, including yours truly. Visit Grace to You on Wednesday November 5th to start getting your free downloads of all his sermons. 3500 sermons and counting.

Quoting MacArthur

“I am deeply concerned as I watch what is happening in the church today. Biblical Christianity has lost its voice. The church is preaching a gospel designed to sooth rather than confront sinful individuals. Churches have turned to amusement and show business to try to win the world. Those methods may seem to draw crowds for a season. But they’re not God’s methods, and therefore they are destined to fail. In the meantime, the church is being infiltrated and corrupted by professing believers who have never repented, never turned from sin, and therefore,never really embraced Christ as Lord or Savior.”

John MacArthur, Faith Works

Romans 11:36

Contending for The Faith
Grace and Peace to you

in Him with love

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