A little of this and a little of that

Prettifying’ Darwin — A Timely Look at a Losing Strategy… The American literary critic Frederick Crews once spoke of defenders of evolutionary theory who attempt to make Darwinism appear more congenial to the Christian faith than it truly is. These defenders, Crews wrote, present a vision of Darwin and Darwinism that “is often prettified read the rest Here– By Albert Mohler

The Ministry of Rebuke Three parts… There are two kinds of Christians: those who like to rebuke and do it often and those who are scared to rebuke and never do it. The irony is both kinds of Christians are prone to sin. Read part 1 herepart 2 herepart 3 here– by Kevin DeYoung

Discerning Between Joy and Happiness… “Don’t worry—be happy!” From popular music to a cultural slogan, this adage is stated in the form of an imperative. It reflects the idea that happiness can be evoked by an act of the will read the rest here-by R.C. Sproul

Above Reproach… A small item I read in the news twenty years ago has stuck in my mind ever since. The Rockdale County High School Bulldogs basketball team of Conyers, Georgia, won their first-ever state championship in March of 1987, rolling over all their opponents. After eighteen years of coaching the team without a championship, coach Cleveland Stroud was ecstatic read the rest here-by John MacArthur

Give Us Men Who Know the Truth! Steve Lawson

To Judge or Not to Judge? (1 Corinthians 5)

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  1. Judy Mattson

    Steve Lawson’s rebuke was hysterical and yet overwhelmingly sad because the man spoke the Truth. I really never knew Joelo (That was a typing error, but I rather like it)—I never knew Joelo was so wishy washy wimpy…. Now I know…Thanks for running that clip.

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